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Meat Cutter

Position Summary

Working with the Production Supervisor and Lead Hand(s) of the respective production line, the Meat Cutter plays a key role in the trimming and cutting of pork and beef to the customer’s retail specifications.  These activities are essential in meeting the Service Centre’s commitment to Vantage’s customer, namely: defect free products, satisfying daily service levels, and lowest processing costs in the industry.

In our centralized meat processing facility, the Meat Cutter is accountable for the efficient and safe trimming and cutting of raw material to the customer’s required product specifications while ensuring the necessary quality, safety, and productivity requirements are met.  This work will be performed by maintaining a sharp edge on the knives used for trimming and cutting to facilitate the careful, yet relaxed, movement, while providing freedom from ongoing hardship, awkwardness, or effort.  Meat Cutters are responsible for ensuring equipment operability objectives are met both in terms of productivity and operating performance.  Demonstrated proficiency is required in working with the skinners, Scanvaegt, slicers, tenderizers, wizard knife, band saws, and hand knives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensures all essential equipment, clothing, and tools necessary for the role are clean, intact, and operational, including the assigned work area kept clean, orderly, and free from all safety hazards
  • Follows HACCP procedures to prevent food safety hazards with a demonstrated commitment to same
  • Ensures superior product presentation through observation and proficiency in the cut/trim process
  • Contributes to ensuring finished product defect rate remains below the desired X%
  • Awareness that meat cutting exercises muscles not normally used, may cause muscle fatigue, and requires personal commitment to regular stretching and development of essential muscles
  • Ensures workplace safety policies and procedures are understood and adhered to at all times
  • Uses personal protective equipment as required for noise, cold, safety, and the function at all times
  • Meets or exceeds production requirements as measured by kilograms per manhour
  • Ensures finished product yields are met through appropriate trimming of primals
  • Demonstrates our core value that integrity will never be compromised – no adulteration or impurities of our finished product is a key aspect of this role
  • Works collaboratively and effectively with the Production Supervisor and Lead Hand(s) to ensure the ongoing operating requirements of the production line can be maintained
  • Effectively trains other staff members as assigned
  • Contributes to the ongoing evaluation and development of improved techniques for product quality and food safety
  • Works effectively with our customers as necessary to ensure finished product conforms to required standards
  • Functional direction and training of others as required

Key Skills and Competencies

  • An individual should have knowledge of Internet, and proficiency with software and the Microsoft Office Suite of products
  • Demonstrated proficiency is required in working with the skinners, Scanvaegt, slicers, tenderizers, wizard knife, band-saws, and hand knives


  • "Retail Meat Cutting" certificate and/or a minimum six months’ cutting experience

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