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Position Summary

As part of the Vantage Foods production team, you are part of a team producing retail ready fresh meat products for our customers. These products include beef, pork, veal, ground beef, and fresh sausage products.


Key Responsibilities

Customer Focus

Each production employee is expected to:

  • Understand product specifications for product quality and ensures specifications are met – can review these as necessary with lead hand or supervisor
  • Understand customer requirements on traying, wrapping, and presentation
  • Understand customer requirements on labeling, pricing, and packaging
  • Ask questions if unsure of proper processes/procedures
  • Understand production flow to identify bottlenecks and work to ensure smooth flow
  • Complete tasks in timely fashion to ensure smooth production flow

Equipment Operations

Each production employee:

  • Can identify shutdown switches on all equipment for emergency use
  • Has a working knowledge of production equipment
  • Can identify minor equipment problems and remedy them or identify them to more experienced staff
  • Knows how to safely and properly operate production equipment necessary to complete tasks

Food Safety and Food Quality

Each production employee:

  • Understands and always applies food safety principles (sanitation, proper production techniques, personal and equipment hygiene requirements, etc.)
  • Identifies and takes action on issues that may impact food safety by bringing concerns to supervisor’s attention
  • Understands that ‘quality is everyone’s job 1’ and demonstrates that understanding through action and words

Workplace Safety

Every production employee is expected to:

  • Ask questions if unsure of processes or procedures
  • Take the time to learn the proper, safe way to perform any task.
  • Understand and apply safe work practices and principles
  • Identify potential hazards and either work to remedy them (if possible) or bring them to supervisor’s attention for action
  • Bring a ‘safety first’ attitude to work


Key Skills and Competencies

Continuous Improvement Principles at Work

Vantage production employees:

  • Understand the principles of “5S,” “standardized work,” and the fundamentals of “value stream mapping”
  • Can apply the basics of these principles to daily situations
  • Identify and bring forward ways and means to improve work flow, practices, and processes to supervisor for action

Team Member Skills

You will be expected to:

  • Respond positively to changes in working environment
  • Deal positively with other team members – treat others as you would want to be treated, with respect and confidence
  • Understand the value of teamwork and reflect this understanding in your words and actions
  • Work in a way to be respected by your fellow team members for your contribution to the team’s success – you will “pull your own weight” on the team
  • Work in a positive manner to ensure the team’s success


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